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Welcome to Lake Wateree Association

If you have any questions please email us at 

Who is Lake Wateree Association?

The members of the association are the voice of Lake Wateree.  They are the representatives of all stakeholders who live, fish, boat, and own businesses on the lake.  In addition, LWA represents the 7,300 residents who get their drinking water in Fairfield, Kershaw, and Richland Counties.

LWA is a 501C(3) tax exempt organization governed by a Board of Directors and Officers elected by its members.  The Board develops the budget, membership drives, social functions, and many other initiatives each year.

Mission Statement

The Lake Wateree Association strives to be the voice to safeguard the waters of Lake Wateree by providing a means of education, communication, and enlightenment for its members as well as the public.

Vision Statement

The Lake Wateree Association values and continuously seeks to enhance its relationships with local, state, and federal government agencies, the public utility licensed to manage Lake Wateree, the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation and like-minded organizations to benefit its members and the public.


  • Conduct meetings and publish communications in various formats to inform its members and the public in all matters relevant to Lake Wateree.
  • To foster a sense of cares and concern amongst its members and the public of the waters and shorelines of Lake Wateree.
  • Promote the use of Lake Wateree by developing informational and educational programs and hosting recreational activities encouraging participation by its members and the public.

Lake Wateree Association is a group of citizens dedicated to maintaining Lake Wateree as the invaluable environmental resource it is. While the majority of members are property owners, membership and participation is encouraged for all stakeholders. This would include all who use the lake for recreation (boating, fishing, swimming, etc), business, and as a source of drinking water for both Camden and Lugoff.

Recent news

Membership renewal can be mailed to:


P.O. BOX 2132

Camden, SC 29020

Duke Energy promised to provide as much advance notice as possible when there are significant changes to the lake level requirements. The purpose of this email is to provide advance notice of Lake Wateree needing to be at 98.0 ft by Feb. 20 to allow the project team to load barges and equipment on the lake. The lake is expected to remain at 98.0 ft until Feb 26. On Feb 27, we will begin lowering the lake back down to 93.5 ft. It is estimated the lake will take about a week to return to 93.5 ft.

Any homeowners working on their shoreline or docks, please prepare your property and equipment for the temporary higher lake level. Access areas that are currently closed will remain closed while the lake is higher.

Duke Energy appreciates your patience and understanding during this project. The following message has been updated on the web:

Starting Feb. 6, Duke Energy needs to raise the level of Lake Wateree to load barges and equipment into the lake for the construction activities on the Wateree dam. The lake level will begin to rise slowly and is expected to be at 98.0 ft by Feb. 20. Lake Wateree will remain at or near 98.0 ft until Feb. 26.

Beginning on Feb. 27, Lake Wateree will gradually decline back to 93.5 ft. and will be maintained between 93.0 ft. and 94.0 ft. (with 100 ft. corresponding to full pond) until further notice. It is expected to take at least one week to return the lake to 93.5 ft, however, weather conditions and river inflows can impact this estimate. Duke Energy will provide updates to changes in lake levels and their duration as well as significant changes to the schedule with as much advance notice as possible. Updated lake levels are available any time at, by calling 800.829.5253 or on the Duke Energy Lake View mobile app.

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    • 10/07/2023
    • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Lake Wateree

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Lake Wateree is a little corner of paradise for us all, but we need help in keeping it that way.  LWA is doing its part, and our members are a critical voice in maintaining the health of our lake.  Please click here to join the LWA family.

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