Thanks to the folks who came (~40 strong) tonight to the Kershaw County Planning & Zoning Board meeting to defend our buffer regulations which are one of our key “tools” that protect our water quality.

There were “impassioned” talks from Sarah Williams as a Covekeeper, Michael Emerson Williams as a retired DNR person, Austin Jenkins of Camden who is a naturalist, Bob Davis representing LWA, Curtis Blackmon from our LWA team, Milt Marley from WHOA of Fairfield and our Water Watch Team, and Sam Perkins, our Riverkeeper.  What a great group of diverse speakers, each with a great message.

After the education and personal experiences related by these “experts”, it made the decision by the Planning & Zoning Board an easy one,  The Board voted unanimously to not eliminate the buffers and leave the regulations as they are.  Water Wins!!  Hopefully this puts the thought to bed of doing away with the buffers.

Submitted by Gary Faulkenberry