Our Lake Wateree Association team will be celebrating 25 years of protecting our beautiful Lake Wateree and improving the value of lake enjoyment for residents, recreational users, businesses, and those who get their drinking water from the lake. Thanks to a hand full of concerned stakeholders in the early 1990’s who took the initiative to form what was then WHOA of Kershaw County, the team has grown to be the “Voice of Lake Wateree” and achieved a long list of gains “for the sake of the lake”.

Please circle Saturday, April 11th on your calendar as the day we will gather to celebrate our 25 years. This will be our LWA Annual meeting with a focus on the anniversary celebration, and will be held at the Kershaw County Recreation Center at the corner of Laurens and DeKalb streets, 1042 W. DeKalb, in Camden near the old railroad station. Registration will begin at 10:00, with the program starting at 10:30. Please note the change from the Shrine Club where we have been holding the annual meeting.

A team led by Libby Davis and Bob Smith is developing a fun event that focuses on our history, our achievements, significant milestones, and has elements of entertainment like some live music during our fellowship lunch. We want to honor our “founders” as special guests at the anniversary event, and also recognize all prior chairpersons of the LWA team. Our partner team WHOA of Fairfield County celebrated their 25th two years ago, and they have graciously shared with us some of their displays and information used. Also enjoy hearing Clyde McFadden describe his experiences in the Wateree Dam generating station the night of hurricane Hugo in 1989, the most severe storm to hit South Carolina in the past 60 years. We hope to have some exciting prizes for some lucky winners, and perhaps a “goodie bag” commemorative item for each family. Please come join your lake neighbors for a fun event.

To assure our continued success in the next 25 years, we need to continually grow our membership and have strong volunteer leaders. Our membership campaign will be initiated in January for the 2015 year, and we need you to join the team AND encourage others to do so also. Wouldn’t it be great to announce at our April celebration a new high level of membership? That would really add to the excitement of the event and build momentum into future years.

So put a big red circle on April 11th.   Join fellow LWA members to reflect on the success of our first 25 years and renew our spirit for continued success as we work together for Lake Wateree.